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Just ageing is not enough!…

We want you to have a healthy ageing! Our aim is to help you be young as you grow old!! A communal life with your loved ones with a peace of mind that we have your back always!

Integrated medical and surgical specialities

We are cognizant of our patient’s unique geriatric needs and hence we have integrated medical and surgical specialities to offer you a comprehensive treatment.

Our services include but are not limited to Bone health management with an extensive focus on promoting and preserving bone wellness in our patients.

Geriatric syndromes management

We also provide Geriatric syndromes management such as Coping with Depression, Delirium (confusion assessment) , Dementia (memory loss) , Urinary incontinence (urinary problems) , Falls and funny turns prevention and Under nutrition concerns as well.

Our enthusiastic team comprises Orthopedic consultants, Geriatric medicine consultants working closely with Mind health physicians (Psychiatrists) , Nutrition experts and Mobility experts such as Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who endeavor to provide you the best medical care possible from the moment you visit our clinic.

Our Nurses and health care assistants are geriatric trained to assist in your day to day challenges. We assure you to leave behind your worries to us!