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How to prevent weak bones-Osteoporosis?

By Dr. Kishor Maheshwari

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over 50 years of age are likely to suffer from osteoporosis or weak bones. This silent condition is responsible for bone fractures in the elderly even after a minor slip or fall. This usually requires a major surgical intervention to get the patient walking again. Osteoporosis is said to be responsible for 1 fracture every 3 seconds, the burden of this disease is so high. But this can be easily prevented if care is taken from the right age.

HTO Knee preservation surgery

By Dr. Kishor Maheshwari

This short documentary on HTO shows how Knee replacement can be avoided in Knee arthritis.

How To Save Your Knee | HTO | Knee Pain Relief | Avoid Knee Pain

By Dr. Kishor Maheshwari

Knee pain in the elderly population is very common, timely treatment can save knee from replacement and give us a healthy lifestyle free from restrictions.

How to do Clubfoot Stretches | Parent information to avoid relapses | Post Ponseti Exercises.

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

Clubfoot stretches are exercises to help maintain the correction obtained after treatment of the foot. 4 out of 10 babies born with clubfoot are likely to relapse due to non-compliance with a brace-wear or incorrect/inadequate stretches.

Shoe recommendations for children | Anatomy of a shoe

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

Did you know that the footwear a child wears can have long lasting implications not just on the developing foot but also on other areas like the knee and lower back, posture and overall musculoskeletal health?

How to make SITTING safe for school children? | Desk Ergonomics & Sitting Posture made easy

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

Prolonged sitting has a multitude of negative effects. How do we make children sit properly to decrease back and neck pain? How do we make chronic sitting safe? What is a sustainable healthy posture?

The epidemic of living in a slouch! | How to improve kid’s posture?

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

Why is posture important for students? What is a good posture for school children? How do we maintain good posture at home and school? These are common questions asked by caregivers. With our children spending more time now than ever in front of screens, managing posture has become crucial.

How to ‘Safe – Hip’ Swaddle your Baby? | Preventing hip Dysplasia | Can Baby Wearing hurt baby’s hips?

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

Swaddling a newborn must be done in a way to protect baby’s hips. Traditional swaddling in a tight, straight leg position can cause developmental hip dysplasia (DDH).1 in 6 newborns may have clicky hips. While these signs of instability can definitely improve on its own, incorrect swaddling and baby wearing can hinder this process.

Are baby walkers safe for development? | Baby walkers and walking| How does a baby learn to walk?

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

While a baby walker sounds like a fun idea, it may have potential detrimental effects on developmental milestones in a child. Baby walkers do-not promote early walking as is widely believed.

How to build strong bones in children ? | Easy tips and interesting facts about Vitamin D

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

How can we improve the bone and muscle health of children naturally and easily? 1 billion people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D. It is a very important nutrient for bone and overall health in children.

Flatfoot in Children | What do parents need to know?

By Dr. Ratna Maheshwari

Worried about your baby’s feet which seems to be appearing flat? The video will explain about the appropriate developmental age for a child’s arch, what is normal and what needs further evaluation.