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What Our Patients Say

Includes Stories and their Experience

Patient Feedback

Anushika Bhavin Mehta (Age 35)

I love the way the doctor handled the case and assures the patient. The doctor needs to be empathatic to words the patient in pain and Doctor in an ace in that. He is so calm and a true expert in his profession. I’m indebted.

Dr. Maltiben Chandrakant Raval (Age 71)

My pre & post hospitalisation experience is extraordinary. I have immense relief from my knee pain after the operation. The staff here is very cooperative & attentive. I wish Dr K.S. Maheshwari all the success in his life.

Goswami Geetaben Jitubhai (Age 34)

I was going to be bedridden, I am so lucky that I came here after listening to Dr K.S. Maheshwari. We got a very nice treatment and I was very relieved. Also, I admire the staff here for their tidy behaviour. Thank you.

Harbhan Odedra (Age 74)

I love the service. It was very good. Thank You

Hardarbhai Satar Dhoki (Age 30)

I sincerely thank him for making me walk and relieve my pain. His humble nature and kindness to the patients is commendable.

Jamnaben Gandubhai Mugra (Age 65)

Good after the operation.

Laxmanbhai Modhwadia (Age 50)

I started walking only after Dr. Maheshwari Operation. Now I can walk easily without any trouble, climb stairs. I can squad & sit with croos legs.

Limba Khengarbhai

I am now working on the same footing after 1 year from the walker that made me walk in three days, I thanks to Dr. Maheshwari.

Mahadevbhai Nagjibhai Marvaliya

I couldn’t walk without walker. After operation I can walk without walker, climb stairs and there is no pain of any kind. I’m thanksfull to Dr. Maheshwari.

Goriya Manishaben Vasantbhai (Age 50)

Very well and no issues at all.

Mohan Hirjibhai Parmar (Age 55)

After the plate implant operation, I don’t have any problem now. I am happy with the operation.

Rakshaben Kavadia (Age 33)

I feel ok and happy the way Dr. Maheshwari has given me treatment and will refer to other patient, Thanks for the treatment given to me.

Ratanben Ukaradabhai Bamaniya (Age 55)

After Operation I’m feeling very well. Now I can walk, climb stairs and sit with cross legs.

Savdas Odedra (Age 62)

Thanks for the treatment given to me. Well organized staff & hospital in our country made me proud.

Savitaben Raghjibhai Jadvani (Age 60)

Dr. Maheshwari’s work is very good, as well as got the right advice, his proper treatment got better without surgery. He asked me to do a course of injections and medicines. This is my third visit, in which I am very well. The pain is not at all. I have found a new life, thank you very much Dr. Maheshwari and Maheshwari Hospital.

Sudhaben Muruji (Age 68)

After taking injections, I’m having no pain and feeling much better. I would like to suggest that the person having back pain should take this injection to get relief.

Sudhaben Parmar

After operation, Now I’m able to walk and run. I’m happy with this operation.